Baby Shower Balloons Deco Package

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Get our Baby Shower Balloons Deco Package to celebrate your Welcome Little One party! It is highly customizable with a lot of design and options for you to choose from, to ensure your package is always special and unique. And it is with FREE Delivery!

The Package includes:

  • 1 x Baby Shower Theme Balloons Bouquet (total 5 foil balloons including a jumbo)
  • 1 x Baby Shower side bouquet (1 foil + 6 latex balloons into a bouquet)
  • 20 pieces of helium filled latex balloons

Choose your balloons

A) Baby Shower Theme Balloons Bouquet (5 balloons)

A1 - Choose 1 of the jumbo balloons as follows

  •  Sitting Baby
  • Buggy (boy) or Buggy (Girl)
  • Welcome baby buggy
  •  Argyle Baby Girl
  • Baby Girl Plaid Flower
  •   It's a Boy Bear Bottle
  • Baby Girl Big Bear Heart

A2 - Choose 1 pair of the foil balloons design (18" size)

  • Baby Boy Star
  • Baby Girl Heart
  • Baby Boy or Girl Round Buggy
  • Baby Girl Moon
  • Baby Whale
  • Gellibean Baby Shower
  • It's a Girl Stork
  • Zoo Baby Boy or Girl


A3 - Choose 1 pair of heart or star shape balloons

B) Baby Shower Side Bouquet

B1 - Choose 1 of the foil balloons design (20" - 24" size)

  • Bottle It's a Boy or Girl
  • Baby Girl Shoe
  •   Baby Boy or Girl Cloud
  • Baby Boy Giraffe

B2 - We will match the colours for you for foil balloons chosen to form the bouquet

C) 20 pieces latex helium colours - choose up to 3 colours

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