Worldwide Helium shortage

As you probably read about it before (or you can read it later with some of the links below), helium shortage has reached a critical level worldwide. The recent announcement (Nov 2018) highlights the worldwide shortage will likely be worsen in 2019, and this significantly impacts everything that we are depending helium. (helium are not just for party balloons but also used in medical fields such as MRI, welding and even car's air bags).

What it means to us (and you) is that cost and pricing may change as helium supply depletes in time to come . We will do our very best to maintain an affordable price for our helium balloons by our continuous effort in optimizing other costs to cushion the impact of the increased in helium pricing.

Therefore we do seek your understanding and appreciation on this, as it is critical for all of us (suppliers, retailers and customers) to work together one way or another, to preserve this precious element that all party requires.

Here are some of the article for your reading to understand the issue better:

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